Our services

Our consultancy services are all tailored to our customers' specific situation, as they undergo no process of standardisation whatsoever. Each project is individually analysed and an optimal solution is elaborated according to criteria such as the profitability of the proposed structure, all its fiscal implications, all workforce implications, the projects of transmission and/or transfer.

Our services and solutions are tailor-made, making our company a true partner in the management and development of your business. We can fall back on a network of external experts when a situation requires specific measures outside the scope of our services and skills.


Our services for international customers 

Our accountancy and tax affairs consultancy offers specific and specialised resources in the field of international legal and fiscal optimisation, as well as in the structuring of international corporations.

We offer a global fiscal assistance to our customers, ranging from analysis of the Luxembourg and international fiscal implications of their projects to the proposal of structures and schemes for tailor-made optimisation.

In addition to our in-house resources, we also have access to a network of national and international experts to support you in setting up and managing your cross-border organisation.

Please find below a non-exhaustive list of our skills and services in the field of international fiscal and accounting engineering.


Our group offers all services associated with Luxembourg accountancy, together with related services.

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Setting up a company

Before setting up a company, it is a good idea to first discuss your project and goals with us, and then to determine together which legal form and structure is best suited for your planned company.

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Corporate services (payroll)

We also intervene in social affairs.

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Development / Networking

As a true partner, we concentrate on having your company managed perfectly.

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Our 15-man team is made up of auditors, tax specialists, accountants and payroll specialists.

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Relocation in Luxembourg

Foto Immobilier Luxembourg

Our group offers all services and assistance if you are interested in relocating to Luxembourg.


Substance and management presence requirements

The actual substance of a company and its daily management in the country in which it is domiciled have become key elements in the approval of tax arrangements by international tax treaties and international tax audits.

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