Payroll services Luxembourg

Our payroll department is highly specialised in payroll management for non-residents working for Luxembourg companies.

There are several different factors determining registration with the social security authorities. Whether you are a company director, a person with a holding in a company's capital, a CEO or a holder of sales licence - all these factors determine the nature of social security affiliation, either as an employee or as a self-employed person.

Such affiliation can have a negative impact on your personal tax situation. Our specialists will help you find the best solution in line with your needs and individual situation.


Our offer includes the following services:

  • Declarations of entry and release to the social security system;
  • Job vacancy declarations to ADEM;
  • Preparation of payroll simulations;
  • Writing of employment contracts;
  • Establishment of payslips;
  • Declarations for the tax and social security authorities;
  • Establishment of certificates of remuneration;
  • Establishment of certificates of employment;
  • Preparation of balances for payment to any account;
  • Advice on labour legislation (dismissals, leave, resignations, vocational training, etc.).