The choice of a legal form matching a company's situation and its needs is of crucial importance, as this choise has a significant influence on the company's functioning and its future structure. The choice of the most appropriate form requires a in-depth analysis on a case-by-case basis.

Before setting up a company, it is a good idea to first discuss your project and goals with us, and then to determine together which legal form and structure is best for your planned company.

Once this preliminary work has been done, we provide you with a project plan listing the characteristics we have determined and with a precise pricing budget.

In order to be able to validate the creation of the company, a certain number of steps are necessary:

  • Identification of the economic beneficiaries by delevering a passeport or ID card for each shareholder, director or economic beneficiary;
  • Recent and original judicial certificate;
  • Recent and original proof of residence (for instance with an utility bill);
  • A written description of your activity and your professional career;
  • A bank reference letter to facilitate the opening of a company bank account.


The next steps in incorporating your company:

  • drafting the articles of association. This step is done in collaboration with a notary and will list all items elaborated in joint agreement;
  • once the articles have been drafted, they are submitted to you for approval;
  • opening a company bank account. We will provide you with an introduction to a local bank's specialist SME department. We will provide you with help in all administrative steps, whereby the signatories and beneficial owners will need to present themselves to the bank in order to sign the account-opening documents;
  • once an account number has been assigned, the company's capital has to be paid in;
  • once the bank is in prossession of these monies, it will send out a blocking certificate (certificat de blocage). Once the latter is available, company incorporation can be notarised;
  • the notary incorporates the company by formal deed and provides you with the signed articles of association. The notary also takes responsability for registering the company in the trade register (registre de commerce);
  • with regard to commercial companies, we will perform the formalities in connection with applying for a trading licence (autorisation de commerce) from the Ministère des Classes Moyennes, as well as applying for a VAT number.

The whole process usually takes 4 - 7 weeks, though in urgent cases we can provide you with pre-incorporated companies.