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U bent een
Luxemburgse KMO

Uw onderneming is al gevestigd in Luxemburg en u wilt ons graag beter leren kennen?



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U wenst zich in Luxemburg te vestigen?

U bent op zoek naar grensoverschrijdende oplossingen?
U wenst uw internationale activiteiten te herstructureren?
U wenst uw activiteiten te internationaliseren?
Je hebt de intentie te verhuizen naar Luxemburg?

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De verschillende vennootschapstypes in Luxemburg.

De juiste juridische ondernemingsvorm kiezen die aangepast is aan de situatie en aan de behoeften van de ondernemer is van primordiaal belang omdat die keuze de werking en de toekomstige structuur van de onderneming verregaand beïnvloedt. Het kiezen van de meest geschikte vorm vergt een individuele analyse.
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Press release - New field: FOP EVENTS

FOP Groupe Fiduciaire reinvents its networking concept: the annual networkings will be replaced by a series of thematic events. This new system aims to continue networking for our customers and at the same time allow them to reference FOP Group Fiduciaire with friends and acquaintances who could entrust their accounting to our group.

In very short term we will unveil the corresponding incentive program, the first evening is already scheduled for early October 2019. Mark the date already in your calendars.

On the occasion of this reorganization we created the new logo FOP EVENTS that we reveal to you hereafter!


Why did we choose an owl?

Symbol of wisdom and knowledge since antiquity, the bird is for example attached to the Greek goddess ATHENA and its Roman equivalent, the goddess MINERVE. Among the Egyptians, Celts and Hindus the owl was revered as the great manitou of the night (and the festivities) and the owl is also often used as "Messenger" in many books and movies, for example in the magical world of Harry Potter. It is this magic that we will infuse into our events to make them really cool!

Interactive game around the new logo

In order to celebrate this new creation, FOP EVENTS has concealed on the FOP Groupe Fiduciaire website the image of the logo inside the photos of the site. Find them all 7 and win prizes.

Among all the participants we will draw 6 winners for a bigger prize each, made available by our sponsor partners (details in the rules of the game).

To participate, click on the following link that will redirect you to the home page with - at the bottom of the page - the 1st logo:


By clicking on the image, then on the logo of this web page, you will see the rules to know how to participate in the game. Good luck to all participants.

And check back regularly on our site: we will present you very soon the details of our future events.

End of game communication

Dear customers,
Dear friends,
Dear participants,

That's it, our online game “Logo FOP EVENTS” has ended and we thank you all for the numerous contributions. The last small gifts were sent this morning to the participants of the last weekend and we are preparing for the draw of the 6 jackpots that will take place this Thursday, July 4, 2019.

Winners of the lottery will be notified by email of their winnings and we will ask them to come and collect their gift at our office in Bertrange at a later date which will be communicated to them in the email they will receive.

This was our first interactive game, but more will follow soon. So be attentive to our future communications and keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Good day to everyone and see you soon.

The team of FOP EVENTS